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You Doula What?!

Maybe you've heard the word "doula," but you're not really sure what one is. Are you thinking about hiring a doula, but don't know exactly what they do? In today's m (MORE)

Womb With a View: Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great mystery much of the time, so many mamas-to-be are exited at the prospect of getting a peek into what's going on inside. Ultrasounds offer that peek, along (MORE)

Choosing Your Cloth Diapers

Modern cloth diapers are a far cry from the giant squares, pins, and plastic covers of generations past. While the new options are far more convenient, the sheer volume of cho (MORE)

In Labor

Musical Birth

Labor and birth is hard work, so anything you can do to ease the situation is invaluable. Many women find that music in labor is a helpful tool that provides far more than jus (MORE)

Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression?

While many women have heard of the baby blues and postpartum depression, few understand the differences between the two terms or the prevalence of the later. According to The (MORE)